We combine cow & horse manure, seaweed, brown maple leaves, our own grass & garden trimmings (I’m afraid to use clippings from other folks not knowing what herbicides or pesticides they may use) allow to heat to about 140 degrees to kill seeds undigested by cows.

Several local restaurants are good enough to set aside pre-consumer fruits & vegetables plus egg shells & used coffee grounds. We combine this with our finished compost and shredded paper to complete our worm food. We’re continually monitoring the temperature & ph  of our worm bins to make their home most healthy.

Recently we had a microbiologist check our worm castings & she exclaimed they were the best she’d ever seen, full of life with beneficial fungi & good bacteria.


We’re very proud of the quality of our worms, castings & worm tea & we’re very happy to be able to help educate folks on vermicomposting & sell some of our worms at a very reasonable price.

An amazing video was made by Jean Bonhotal and Allison Jack through Cornell Waste Management Institute titled Vermicompost – A Living Soil Amendment. The link for it is below. You will learn a lot from watching it.